X-Cite (90 Capsules)




Since 2001 X-Cite has helped thousands of men restore their youthful vigour. The unique combination of herbs not only improves blood flow to the penis but also boosts the libido by increasing testosterone levels. Our product improves your blood circulation, energy levels and overall health and well-being. X-Cite offers a number of unique health benefits to adult men:Enhances erectile functionProvides harder, stronger and more frequent erectionsDecreases premature ejaculationIncreases sexual libidoEnhances prostate healthDecreases night-time bathroom tripsPromotes prostate healthThe X-Cite approach is natural and holistic. It enhances the underlying vital health systems which are related to men’s sexual and prostate health and provides long-lasting benefits rather than being a temporary fix. You can think of X-Cite as “vitamins for your sex life”. X-Cite is a food supplement and not a drug. Its non-toxic, 100% natural formula is extracted from the main active ingredients of tried-and-tested traditional Asian herbs.