Super Play Silicone Sex Dolls (Flesh)




This unique vagina & ass masturbator offers up life-like silicone entirely dedicated to your pleasure!

This realistic masturbator, which measures features two incredibly lifelike orifices: a lovely deep vagina with complete labia and a clitoris, and a taut little anus.

Just plunge your erect member into the love hole of your choice and start pumping away! You’ll be gobsmacked at how authentic vaginal or anal penetration feels when you’re enjoying this masturbator. You can alternate between any positions that you choose, whenever you want. This round little booty is definitely the perfect accessory for your steamy evenings in.

A totally realistic ass masturbator sex toy!

This masturbator for men is a super lifelike ass masturbator that perfect replicates the look and feel of a real woman’s intimate anatomy. You’ll love the incredibly realistic details on this high-quality erotic accessory.

This toy is the perfect size for a pleasurable penetration session.

This super-sized masturbator is also astoundingly soft to the touch. Its material is sturdy enough for vigorous solo play, yet gentle enough to be comfortably fondled, spanked, and touched. It features a tight anus that has been specially designed for energetic anal sex.

A little bit lower down you’ll find a soft and welcoming vaginal orifice, complete with true-to-life labia. This affordable ass masturbator’s orifices are both lined with pleasure nodules and ribbing, delivering an absolutely incredible massage to your stiff member.

Size: 20*19*8 cm

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